The Gallery Tiara is a truly unique hair salon who treats hair styling as if it they were work of art which are crafted to individually suit our clients. Thereby our salon is a “Gallery” which showcases the aforementioned art pieces.

We truly care about our customer’s hair and bodily health and therefore we choose only the best products which are also absolutely harmless. Our hair driers all emits “low emf” and we have air and water filter to serve our clients. Recently, we started utilizing the “Cabothara” which will stimulate oxygen to your hair and ensure that each cuticles are firmly closed.

Each and every one of our hairstylists have at least 10 years of experiences and will be more than happy to serve all your hair styling needs. They will be able to design a new style to suit your personality. If you require a hair color change, our stylists will be able to do them effectively and safely. Getting hair treatments will also be a breeze and you will be left with hair that is both trendy and healthy.

We are only daily at The Walk Kasetnawamin from 10:30 to 20:30. For more information please call us at 0-2116-3560-1.